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Now that your thesis has been drafted, the focus is on completing it. We assist students from universities all across the world and across all academic fields. All that is required are your files and instructions, which may be found in a university handbook, website, examples of prior theses, or a style manual like APA, MLA, or Turabian. You may just sit back and let us take care of things after we receive these as we prepare your final files for submission.

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Best Dissertation Formatting Services in Canada

The completion of your graduate degree, which has taken years to complete, is near! It’s crucial to keep in mind that most universities in Canada have specific formatting requirements for dissertation and thesis submission as you get ready for your final dissertation/thesis defense. These cumbersome formatting specifications are in addition to whatever style guides you may be utilizing (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.). Fortunately, our formatting specialists are knowledgeable with both university and style guide requirements for formatting dissertations and theses.

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We’ve Designed Our Dissertation Formatting Service to Be Perfect For:

  1. Checking References, Bibliographies, Appendices, and Indexes
  2. Checking Footnotes For Each Chapter 
  3. Checking for Consistency in Margins and Line Spacing 
  4. Preparing the List of Figures and Tables as well
  5. Checking Headings, Titles, and Illustrations
  6. Ensuring that the Referencing Style Requirements are Fully Met
  7. Checking for sequential Page Numbering 
  8. Checking that all Notes are Well Placed
  9. Checking Images and Adding Captions
  10. Crosschecking Everything With the University Guidelines


Send it to our staff if you have a brief dissertation, a difficult PhD with diagrams and tables, or a big thesis chock-full of quotes and references. Our knowledge and experience will format your pages flawlessly so they are ready for submission. Simply send us your information, and we’ll send you back a completely editable MS Word document that complies with your specifications. Dissertation Writing Service Canada is offering you the chance to increase your chances of being approved with our dissertation formatting services in the Canada if you are losing confidence in your dissertation as a result of improper formatting. The person who needs formatting the most is the best one to understand its importance. Nobody is more adept at formatting than those who do it frequently. Every member of our team is a seasoned editor who does formatting of all kinds. At first glance, the format in which the dissertation is presented is what the examination committee notices. A dissertation must adhere to a thorough, rigid structure because it is a piece of academic research that becomes important for future prospects. As a result, each university establishes its own formatting requirements as the foundation for accepting dissertations. Your PhD dissertation can be formatted by our professionals exactly how your university requires. Our team is skilled in using the APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc. formatting styles.

How We Format Your Dissertation

  1. Reviewing: We go through your formatting instructions or cite the most recent version of any set standards, such APA, MLA, or Turabian.
  2. Collation: Combine files and gather additional information to generate a single source file that may be used as a starting point.
  3. Preparation: Remove any extra spaces, tabs, breaks, or sections to generate clean text that is ready for formatting.
  4. Layout: Define the page numbers, margins, breaks, columns, headers, and footers.
  5. Structure: Create a clear organization and navigation by setting up a title page, copyright, glossary, chapters, headers, and appendices.
  6. Format: Use a unified style for the main text, header levels, lists, numbers, and quotes.
  7. Tables: Ensure that any table data is presented in a way that is both understandable and consistent with the text.
  8. Photos: To make images best complement the content on each page, size, crop, align, rotate, reshape, or wrap them.
  9. Captioning: Number each figure, table, chart, or diagram and provide the relevant label and cross references in the captions.
  10. Contents: Include completely dynamic table of contents, figures, and charts with appropriate page references.
  11. Notes: Create or format endnotes or footnotes that refer to numbered instances on each page and include citations.
  12. Referencing: Use parentheses and numbers to format bibliographical entries. Please be aware that this service does not offer syntax modification or resequencing.
It Becomes Extremely Important To Format Your Dissertation Well Before You Continue To Submit It. You shouldn’t declare your dissertation complete without checking for proper formatting because there is always a chance that the student will overlook a formatting error. Dissertation Writing Service Canada makes an effort to minimize every possibility that might stand in the way of your earning a PhD. More so, your dissertations may occasionally have several charts or illustrations that need to be revised. We’re designers, so no problem—we excel at it! If you want them to be included in the quote for formatting, just email us the editable source files for them. Additionally, ASK IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING ELSE!!

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According to a common style manual, our formatting specialists will make sure that all in-text (parenthetical or footnote) and reference list (References, Works Cited, or Bibliography) citations are formatted correctly (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, Oxford). Cross-referencing will be done on each citation, and any references that are absent will be noted.

What You Must Do:

  1. SEND YOUR TEXT TO US in an editable format (MS Word).
  2. University policies should be provided as a file or website link. There will likely still be university-specific stylistic overrides for front matter where stringent APA or MLA criteria apply. Please offer illustrations for these pages.
  3. Wherever feasible, send figures in editable format (Excel, Word, Visio, Photoshop) if you need further work done to restyle them or reconstruct tables.
  4. Other specific suggestions, such as “grayscale all photos,” “keep my appendix styled as-is,” or “don’t allow tables to split over pages,” are also acceptable.
Have inquiries? You do, of course, and that’s okay! After 15 years in the industry, we are truly experts when it comes to dissertation formatting services in Canada. So get in touch and let’s speak, whether you want to talk about the complexity of your file, quick turnaround, bulk pricing, or confidentially. Please give us your files whenever you can; they don’t need to be finished, but looking at some of the material reveals more about your document to us than you can possible think!

Have your files ready to go? If there is anything more we require from you, please read the list above. To send anything to us, go to our order page now. After reviewing everything, our customer service executives will provide an estimate that includes a detailed breakdown of the cost, turnaround, and formatting specifications.